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Kutná Hora Tour

See what is the Bone Chapel

5 hours, 30 minutes



Price includes:

  • Bus transport
  • Guide
  • St. Barbara's Church
  • Bone Chapel

Kutná Hora Tour

€ 36.00

You are what we were, we are what you will become

Kutná Hora’s Bone Chapel is always mentioned on top travel lists and for good reason! This chillingly beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is made up of over 40,000 human bones artistically displayed in the walls, ceilings, coat-of-arms and even a chandelier. While the bone chapel may be the initial draw, our tour goes even further by introducing you to many of the other delights Kutná Hora has to offer. You will be guided through the city with tales of monks, monarchs, and war. Additionally, by including private transportation as part of this tour, we make it even easier for you to enjoy this Bohemian gem.


  • Ossuary (Bone Chapel)
  • St. Barbara´s Cathedral
  • Royal Mint
  • St. James Church
  • Royal Palace
  • Hrádek
  • Stone Fountain
  • Jesuit College

€ 36.00€ 32.40

When you wanna go?

Sat, 1 August
8:45 AMEnglish

Mon, 3 August
8:45 AMEnglish

Wed, 5 August
8:45 AMEnglish

Fri, 7 August
8:45 AMEnglish

Sat, 8 August
8:45 AMEnglish

Meeting point

Premiant City Tours booth at Na Příkopě 23


1 January 2018

Renee N

Great tour, great guides and great company to deal with. Went to 3 local bars/pubs to try beer. James educated us with the local Czech traditions and told us all about the local beer, he also helps you with anything else you need to know about Prague

28 November 2017

Wagga Wagga

The whole concept of the free walking tours in different European cities is great. Technically they are free but you are asked to pay what you can afford and think the tour is worth. Our guide Aris was an absolute fountain of knowledge and better than many of the guides we have had on paid tours. These guys work very hard. Our particular tour kicked off on the afternoon of a quite cold day in Prague. There was 8 on the tour and it went for about 3 hours finishing just after dark. It does move along at quite a pace but does break strategically for coffee etc. Aris provided excellent historical information on the city but also great general information for tourists visiting the city. Where to not change money and scams to avoid, where good to eat and not. Good souvenirs and advice on authentic products and an insight into cultural sensibilities.

27 December 2017

Valerie R

Took the free tour with Vaclav and despite the rainy weather, I had a great time. The tour touches upon quite a few important landmarks and his commentary includes important and interesting info. Tour was so good in fact that I also signed up for the castle and beer tours later that day. Vaclav did the castle tour and had answers to any questions you could ask. Later for beer tour Kamil was the guide. Great beers and fun, entertaining information from him! I would recommend all three tours. The guides both seemed to like what they do, they’re funny, and they make it worthwhile. My one recommendation to anyone taking the tours is that the free tour and castle are both outside the entire time so dress appropriately! Thank you Vaclav and Kamil - you both made my visit to Prague very memorable!!!!

20 January 2018

Elliot L

Aris took me and my group on the Free Walking Tour and we loved it so much we went straight onto the Castle Tour. He had an impressive knowledge about the area and even tailored it to our groups interests. He advised us on currency exchange and safe traveling tips in Prague too, not just a tour guide.

26 December 2017


Vaclav is a great tour guide and the free walking tour was really good, because of that we bought the castle tour and the beer tour.

I do recommend for anybody these activities during your stay in the city.


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