Prague Tips

Over the last 10 years, Prague has become more and more flooded with visitors.

The best way to get a good insight into the city is, of course, to take our Free Walking Tour. Your expert guide will give you what you need.

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How to get from the airport?

You can get from the airport by taking the AE - airport express bus (60 CZK), public transport (32 CZK), Cedaz minibus (150 CZK), or taxi 600 CZK

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Banking & Currency

Compared to many European cities, Prague is a relatively cheap city to visit.

For the lowest charges, it is the best to exchange money in a bank or take it out of an ATM. Never exchange money on the streets. Also, be wary of some exchanges shops, as they may try to rip you off

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Emergency operator

Dial 112 for English.

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Personal security and health

Compared to many Western cities, Prague is relatively safe. Though you may not need emergency help from the police, you should feel free to approach them at any time for advice of any kind.

Health care in Prague is divided into state and private care. If you need emergency treatment it will be provided free of charge, but all non-essential treatment has to be paid for.

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It is common practice for people to tip 10% of the bill if they are satisfied with their service.

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Public transportation & Taxi

The underground railway (Metro) is the quickest form of transportation. It has 3 lines. Trams are the oldest method of public transport (since 1891). You are unlikely to use a bus unless you want to visit the outer suburbs. By law, buses are not allowed in the city center.

Public transportation tickets cost 24 CZK for 30 minutes, 32 CZK for 90 minutes, and 110 CZK for a day pass.

For visitors, taxis can be a frustrating form of transportation. There are many unscrupulous drivers who are out to charge as much as they can get away with. For a starters, find out how much a fare should cost and agree on the price with the driver before getting in the car. Even if the taxi driver claims to have a meter, it is best to confirm the price beforehand because they have tricks such as using meter apps on their phones to overcharge you. Using Uber or Liftago apps may be better options to avoid getting ripped off.

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Electrical adaptors

The electricity supply in Prague is 220 V AC and two-pin plugs are used (the same as most of Europe). Adaptors may not be easily found in Prague and it is wise to buy one before arriving.

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Dobrý den ….Hello / Good morning

Ahoy …. Hi

Nashledanou … Goodbye

Díky…… Thank you

Dobré pivo…… Good beer

Ano … Yes

Ne … No

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