They say about me “Great tour, very knowledge tour guide. Great entertainment. Well worth the time. We really enjoyed the time, no question was too much.” from Tripadvisor


Born and raised Czech who didn’t really appreciate this country and city until she returned from a 10 year experience in the UK. As she loves the english language and never really stops talking, tour guiding was the perfect choice. As well as many people she just lived in Prague ignoring the beauty of this city and then she realised there is so much she was missing. Now she enjoys sharing the vast and interesting history as well as the experience of a true Czech.


Hello, astonishingly attractive people! My name is Val. Meeting people and telling them about the history of this beautiful city are two things that make this job perfect for me. On my tour I’ll provide you with an insightful look at Prague and raise your laughter! See you soon!


Bachelors Degree in Vocal Performance. Acting is merged with tour guiding in my tours. You will be informed and at the same time entertained,so that at the end Prague becomes your favorite city. I welcome you to join me and have fun.


Hi! I´m a half Dutch half Spanish young guy in love with History and getting to know new people. Many would say that I´ve found my dream job then, right? I strive to prove that I have and will be sure to entertain you while you learn a lot!


My name is Václav. I was born in Prague one year before the Velvet Revolution. I studied history and movie-making and now I’m combining these two to let people in on some of the secrets from the history of this amazing city


Nacido en las tierras del Quijote lugar de leyendas y castillos medievales. En el 2014 emprendió la aventura de vivir en su amada Chequia. Y ha encontrado una profesión ideal donde ofrecer todos sus conocimientos históricos y experiencias a quienes pongan un pie en Praga.


Originally from the United States but grew up in France. He first came over to the Czech Republic to be an acrobatics coach and after falling in love with the city of Prague James decided to stay and make Prague his new home.

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