Popular questions

Why a Free Tour?

For many travelers the Free Tour concept is an alternative to traditional guided tours. Free Tours are already available in many cities around the world and are addressed especially to individual tourists. Contrary to regular tour providers´ services, there is not a set price that you have to pay in advance for taking a tour. Instead, you pay the amount that you consider appropriate after your tour experience by ´tipping´ your guide. And that is the reason why ´free´ doesn´t mean worthless – just the opposite is the case: As our guides don´t receive any other income apart from the tips from their guests, they really have to ´work´ for it. Instead of lapsing into routine after a while, their motivation to provide a top-quality tour has to be high – day by day, tour by tour.

Where does the tour start and end?

Our Free Walking Tour and Communism&Nuclear Bunker Tours start at our booth at Na Příkopě 19 just in front of the Hamleys toy store. Look for green umbrella! To get to our booth at Na Příkopě 19 by public transport use metro line A and B, get off at Mústek station and take exist Na Příkopě. For more visual please check our instructional video http://bit.ly/2gKBz83

Our most popular paid tours Prague Castle Tour and Czech Beer Culture Tour start on the stairs in front of Rudolfinum concert hall (the very last stop of the Free Walking Tour). Look for green umbrella. To get there by public transport use metro line A and get off at Staroměstská station and take exist Rudolfinum. For more visual please check our instructional video http://bit.ly/2gK4OYM

Our day trips to Kutná Hora&Bone Chapel and Terezín Concentration Camp start at Premiant City Tours booth at Na Příkopě 23. Don't expect anyone with umbrellas, just go straight to our colleagues inside the booth and show them your reservation.

Our Free Walking Tours lead through the city centre. Our guides offer an individual tour, but in general the tour includes the highlights of The Old Town, part of the New Town and Jewish Quarter (Josefov). Please note, that you won´t enter any sights or museums and therefore the tour doesn´t include any entrance fees neither. Apart from architecture and history you will learn quite a lot about history, traditions and hear some interesting gossips and legends about the city!

Which languages are available?

Our Free Tours are available in English and Spanish.

What happens, if I´m late?

As we try to start our tours on time, we ask our guests to arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before starting time. If you have a reservation, it will expire 5 minutes before starting time. Due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to join a tour halfway or catch up with the group somewhere on the route.

What happens when it rains cats and dogs/it is snowing/it´s 40 C° in the shade?

We are 100% weather-resistant. Our Free Walking Tours go 365 days per year, seven days a week. Regarding the paid tours, some of them might be canceled due to national holidays. For example we do not run the Czech Beer Culture Tour on December 24th, 25th and January 1st. Just make sure to bring proper equipment as raincoats, umbrellas, sunscreen, hats or caps and wear appropriate shoes.

What about the tip?

Our Free Tour guides don´t receive any set income from the company, they work on a tips-only basis. So you can decide how much his or her tour was worth to you. It´s recommendable to bring the tip, which you have budgeted for the tour, in small notes, so you can adapt the amount eventually according to the tour quality and your level of satisfaction. Just for your orientation, a guided group tour in Prague costs easily between 15 and 30 Euro per person, depending on the size of the group.

Can children join the tour?

Children under 16 years accompanied by a parent are very welcome on our Free Tours, there is no need to book for them.

Are the tours accessible for wheelchairs?

Our tours leading through the city contain a few inclines and uneven surfaces as cobblestones and last easily 3 hours. Despite this, they are all manageable by wheelchair users, as long as one is accompanied by an able-bodied individual.

Are there any restrooms on the way?

Don´t worry! When you have a sudden need during the tour, there are several restrooms on the way. Just let your guide know, and he will look for an appropriate stop. Most guides also make a little tour break in a restaurant, where you can find food and drinks, restrooms and free Wi-Fi.

Why aren´t all your tours free tours?

We think that a Free Tour is the best option to get introduced to a city – and everybody should have the possibility to join it regardless of his budget. But a three hours tour can provide only the most general information, it´s impossible to ´squeeze´ in all the interesting things about Prague. That´s why we offer other tours that give a deeper insight into special topics. As we have to contract – and pay – specialized guides for these tours in advance, we also have to ask our guests to pay an attendance fee in advance. Moreover – we don’t want to tell you fairy tales – we are not a charitable organization but a company. Tourism is one of the biggest businesses in the world, and we want to be part of it – but as a fair player: That´s why our prices for paid tours are really fair and we promise you that you will get best quality with us!

Booking process

How can I join?

As especially during summer season the demand for our Free Tours is very high, we advise to you to make a reservation in advance. You can book up to 8 spots per tour through our website if there are still free places at your desire date. After your booking you will receive a confirmation. The day of your Free Tour you should show up at the meeting point 15 minutes before your tour starts and ´check-in´ with our day manager. Please note that your reservation expires 5 minutes before starting time. In this case we will give your spot to guests that came without a reservation. If you couldn´t book online in advance, you can have a try and come to the meeting point early. In case we have enough spots available or no-shows, we will take you in according to the principle ´first come, first serve´.

Group size

How can we join if we are a group of 7 or more?

Free Tours are addressed especially to individual travelers and small groups of friends. Therefore, if you are a bigger group of 6 or more persons we have a special, private offer for you. Just send an e-mail to info@goodpraguetours.eu for requests and further information.

How big are the groups?

We always work hard to achieve an average group size of 35 guests per group. But sometimes during high season we are too human – and when a guest is looking at us with big eyes and swearing, that he has just one day in city and therefore just one chance to do our tour, we may forget the official limit for a second…however, 40 is our absolute maximum!

Is there a minimum of participants?

There is a minimum of 3 participants for our Tours.

Private Tours

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, Good Prague Tours also offers private tours. If you are a bigger group or interested in a tour in another language or focused on a special topic, feel free to send an e-mail to info@goodpraguetours.eu for requests and further information. The standard rate for a walking tour of approximately 2,5 hours is 150 Euros per group (including VAT).

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