5 Tourist Faux Pas to Avoid in Prague

Nearly eight million tourists visit Prague each year and many of them fall into easily avoidable tourist traps. By sticking close to overcrowded landmarks, most visitors end up paying astonishing prices for food, drink and entertainment. Keep reading for more tips on how to avoid classic tourist faux paus during your time in Prague.

5 Tourist Faux Pas to Avoid in Prague

Spending too much Time on the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a true icon of Prague. You can’t beat it if you’re looking for incredible views over the river and castle; however, there are lots tourist traps on this one bridge alone. Lots of caricaturists and food vendors, for example, will try to flog their goods, but trust us: they’re not worth it! You’ll find cheaper, better-quality food and souvenirs further away from this landmark. Also, don’t be tempted to touch the Statue of St John. It’s meant to bring good luck to those who lay their hand on it, but all it really brings is a nasty cold from all the germs on its surface!

Being Overcharged for Food and Drink

As is the case in most cities, food and drink will be cheaper the further away you get from Prague’s main landmarks. In fact, pubs near the Charles Bridge have been known to charge twice as much for beer than bars in quieter neighborhoods. Many restaurants in busy areas will also purposely overcharge tourists. Be sure to keep an eye on your bill and question staff if you feel you’re being cheated.

Taking a Driving Tour

Prague is one of the best cities in the world to walk around, with picturesque cobbled streets and quaint shops around every corner. Instead of booking onto an overpriced bus tour, why not take our free walking tour? You’ll get plenty of fresh air and the chance to explore backstreets and smaller shops. You’ll also see Prague’s gorgeous street art that you wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate from the seat of a tour bus.

Being Scammed by Ticket Touts

Whether you’re looking for drama or music, Prague’s venues host incredible performances that are definitely worth seeing. However, don’t be tempted to buy your ticket from street vendor. They will nearly always overcharge you or sell fake tickets. Instead, visit the venue’s box office to find the best deals. There are only a handful of events for which you need to buy tickets in advance, such as the annual Prague Spring. In these rare cases, be sure to find a reputable website or take recommendations from a friend.

Find Quieter Alternatives

From St Vitus Cathedral to the Astronomical Clock, Prague is full of iconic landmarks; however, you should limit your time at these sites to avoid being stressed by overcrowding. Instead of wasting your time on the well-trodden tourist path, venture a little further out to find equally incredible alternatives to the city’s favorite monuments. Vyšehrad, for example, is a great alternative to Prague Castle, and is only a little further down the river. If you’re looking for different neighborhoods to explore, meanwhile, leave the Old Town and head to quirkier and quieter areas like Vršovice.

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