5 Reasons you Should Take the Good Prague Free Walking Tour

From Wenceslas Square to the Vtlava River, our free walking tour winds through the medieval streets of Prague past some of its most famous attractions. With all of the walking tours available these days though, why should you choose ours? Here are just five of the many things that set the Good Prague Free Walking Tour apart.

5 Reasons you Should Take the Good Prague Free Walking Tour

Knowledgeable guides who can provide useful tips

All free tours will have guides that can usher you around the city and tell you about famous landmarks, but our guides go above and beyond to provide real information about the ins and outs of Prague. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat nearby after the tour, want a recommendation for the best place to try Czech beer, or are curious where to exchange money or buy souvenirs without getting ripped off, our guides can provide insider tips because they actually live in the city.

High-quality, three-hour tour

Just because the tour is free, doesn’t mean we skimp on time. Rain or shine, our guides will spend three hours showing you some of Prague’s most fascinating sights such as Old Town Square, the Powder Tower, and the Old Jewish District. Along the way, you’ll hear tales of the Golem and learn about famous Czechs like Franz Kafka. While we believe three hours is the ideal amount of time for introducing the city, we understand that it can be a lot of walking so we make sure to stop of a coffee and bathroom break along the way.

Small groups

There are some points in the day when Charles Bridge is nearly impossible to cross due to swarms of large tour groups. While some free walking tours will let anyone join, we like to keep our groups small. Not only does this make it easier to move through busy streets, but it also ensures that everyone will be able to hear what the guide is saying and see what they are pointing out. By keeping the numbers down, we also make it easier to get to know your guide and ask as many questions as you want.

Tours tailored to your needs and interests

Each tour group is different so we believe that walking tours shouldn’t be a one-size fits all experience. We offer tours in both English and Spanish on a daily basis so you can choose to join the tour in whichever language you prefer. While the course of the walking tour is more or less set, if you have a particular interest in something, make it known to your guide so that they can provide you with relevant information or point out things you might be interested in along the way.

Highly recommended on TripAdvisor

Every tour company thinks their tours are the best, so don’t just take our word for it! Our high-quality, free walking tour of Prague is one of the highest ranked on TripAdvisor, with an impressive 99% giving it an ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ rating. Check out the reviews for yourself and join us to find out what all the fuss is about.

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