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Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour
WHEN? Everyday at 10:30 and 2: PM WHERE?  At our booth at Na Příkope 14 HOW MUCH? Tip based HOW LONG? 3 hours 

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Experienced guide

HIGHLIGHTS: Wenceslas Square, National Museum, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, Charles University, Mozart Theater, House of the Black Madonna, Powder Tower, The Golden Route, Art Nouveau Municipal House, St. James Church, Ungelt, St Nicholas Church, Old Town Hall, Týn Church, Old Jewish District, Franz Kafka, Golem, Old New Synagogue, Old Jewish Cementery, Rudolfinum
DESCRIPTION: City of a Hundred Spires, Mother of Cities, Golden City – PRAGUE’s past is filled with humor, history and a cast of characters – from kings, queens, and castles to the fall of communism. You can snap photos of the incredible buildings and monuments that have stood the test of time while our educated and entertaining guides tell you all the inside stories you won’t find in your average history book. Your free spirit guide works on a tips-only basis. Tips should be given voluntarily in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and customer satisfaction!

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Prague Castle Tour

Prague Castle
WHEN? Everyday at 2:30 PM WHERE? In front of Rudolfinum HOW MUCH? 300 CZK (12 EUR) -> 270 CZK (after discount) HOW LONG? 3 hours 

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Experienced guide, private bus transport

HIGHLIGHTS: The Loreto, Černín Palace, Hradčany square, Masaryk statue, Schwarzenberg Palace, Matías Gate, St. Vitus Cathedral, The Deer Moat, Malá Strana (The Lesser Quarter), Hradčany (The Castle District), St. Nicholas Church, St. George’s Basilica, Royal Courtyards, The Deer Moat, The Black Tower, Johnn Lenon Wall, Kampa Island, Charles Bridge

DESCRIPTION: While your eyes take in the sparkle of stained glass and perfectly manicured gardens, the history will captive your mind. Original examples of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture stand shoulder to shoulder, like the many soldiers who have guarded the grounds. If the walls of those buildings, churches and gardens could talk, they would tell stories ranging from 9th century monarchs to modern day politicians. Luckily, you’ll have your guide to fill in the details of defenestration and what role the Castle played through world wars and peaceful revolutions.

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Beer Culture Tour

Beer culture
WHEN? Everyday at 6:00 PM WHERE?  In front of Rudolfinum HOW MUCH? 350 CZK (14 EUR) -> 315 (after discount) HOW LONG? 3 hours 

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Experienced guide, 3 beers (1,5l)

HIGHLIGHTS: Pubs & Political influence, Local Drinking Customs, Learn to Pour the Perfect Beer

DESCRIPTION: Beer is an essential part of Czech culture. It’s not just a leisure activity – pivo is a part of political discussions, sporting events and many major events in Czech history. Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world, and they do it with their own unique style. Pub conversations are where history happens. International diplomats, including Madeleine Albright and President Bill Clinton, have sampled the local specialty while touring Prague. The Velvet Revolution was discussed and celebrated over foam-topped glasses. Any government plans to increase the price would likely to lead to another revolt. Join our educated guides for an authentic pub culture experience and get to know both the pivo and the people of Prague on a deeper level.

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Communist Tour & Nuclear bunker

Communist Tour
WHEN? Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 10:30 AM WHERE? At our booth at Na Příkope 14 HOW MUCH? 490 CZK (18 EUR) -> 440 CZK (after discount) HOW LONG?  3 hours 

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Nuclear Bunker entrance, experienced guide

HIGHLIGHTS: Czech Communist Party Headquarters, Dissident movements – Charter 77, Prague Spring – Soviet Invasion, Communist Federal Parliament, Anti-nuclear bunker, Political repression, Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel

DESCRIPTION: The 20th century is tied to the wave of Red Terror, which did not miss Czechoslovakia. After the Second World War, the communists easily took power in the country and established a tough rule of law that, in the 1950s, took the lives of thousands of people. The 1960s were freer, but the end of the decade saw the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, which brought tanks and foreign soldiers streaming through the streets of Prague. You will also hear about the self-immolation of Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc, the following period of Normalization, the fear that permeated the era, and the heroism throughout. During the tour, you’ll also get to visit the nuclear bunker once used by the officers of the Warsaw Pact.

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Kutná Hora Tour

Kutná Hora Tour
WHEN? Sun, Tue, Thu and Sat at 12:30 PM WHERE? At Premiant City Tours booth at Na Příkopě 23 HOW MUCH? 940 CZK (35 EUR) -> 705 CZK (after discount) HOW LONG?  5,5 hours 

WHAT IS INCLUDED: St. Barbara’s Church and Bone Chapel entrance, private bus transport, experienced guide

HIGHLIGHTS: Ossuary (Bone Chapel), St. Barbara´s Cathedral, Royal Mint, St. James Church, Royal Palace, Hrádek, Stone Fountain, Jesuit College

DESCRIPTION: There’s much more to this town than a structure made of skeletons (although that’s pretty incredible!). Kutná Hora’s Bone Chapel is always mentioned on top travel lists, with 40,000+ human bones shaped into walls, ceilings, a coat-of-arms and chandelier that are chilingly beautiful. This UNESCO World Heritage Site also includes St. Barbara’s Cathedral, the Italian Court, and Gothic Stone Fountain. Our guides will tell you tales of monks, monarchs, the town’s connection to silver and the Hussite wars.

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Terezín Concentration Camp Tour

Terezín Concentration Camp Tour
WHEN? Mon, Wed, Fri at 9:00 AM  WHERE?  At Premiant City Tours booth at Na Příkope 23 HOW MUCH? 1050 CZK (40 EUR)-> 789 CZK (after discount)  HOW LONG? 5 hours 

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Small and Main Fortress entrance, private bus transport, experienced guide

HIGHLIGHTS: The Columbarium, Jewish Prayer Room, The Austrian Fortress, Former SS Camp Headquarters, Former Prison Cells, Former Jewish Dormitories, Former Ghetto Guards Station, Railway to Auschwitz and much more…

DESCRIPTION: Terezín was founded as a military fortress to protect Bohemia, but it became a Jewish ghetto, a prison, a source of propaganda and aholding camp on the path to Auschwitz during WWII. The memorial and museum pay tribute to the thousands who lost their lives here while our guides talk you through the daily routines of the prisoners. It also includes glimpses of the culture, education and life that prisoners held onto while being held captive. Our guides will add details of well-known residents, important events such as the Red Cross visit, and a picture of what life in the camps looked like. Remembering these dark moments of our history can help us ensure that they are never repeated.

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David, 40

From Trip Advisor about me:
“I got to understand the history of Prague ao much better through my walking tour. My tour guide David was nice and friendly as well and gave us some good tips about where to eat around the city!”


Nicolás, 26

Bachelors Degree in Vocal Performance. Acting is merged with tour guiding in my tours. You will be informed and at the same time entertained,so that at the end Prague becomes your favorite city. I welcome you to join me and have fun.


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Hi! I´m a half Dutch half Spanish young guy in love with History and getting to know new people. Many would say that I´ve found my dream job then, right? I strive to prove that I have and will be sure to entertain you while you learn a lot!


Václav, 27

My name is Václav. I was born in Prague one year before the Velvet Revolution. I studied history and movie-making and now I’m combining these two to let people in on some of the secrets from the history of this amazing city



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